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Is it possible to create tool plugins ?

The other day i was reading an inpainting paper (Combining Frequency and Spatial Domain Information for Fast Interactive

Image Noise Removal, Hirani & Totsuka) and i was wondering how the UI could be done in pdn.

The technique (which impressive by its simplicity/result quality ratio) require the user to make 3 selections before running an algo on them.

One approach would be to make a filter dialog that displays the whole picture and ask the user to make 3 selection (a solution used by photoshop last time i checked few years ago).

A second one, would be to make a tool for multiple selction, and allow to diferrantiate them and then run a filter on them (from the effects menu).

A third one, would be to make a tool plugin that offers subtools in the tool's bar to make the selection and apply the algo on it.

What do you think would be the best ui ?

And what solution does pdn currently offers ? (i think it's the photoshop solution that i don't like, but who knows...)

Edit: maybe this thread would rather belong to the plugin dev forum. sorry :?

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