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HowTo Clone Stamp MDI

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First I wanna say I love this program I've been using it for a long time!

I always have this doubt. I'm not really a layer-guy, I prefer to open two separate documents beside each other and clone stuff from one document into another. My question is simple, How can I do it without using layers?

Clone Stamp only works if you use the same document. I seriously see this as a limitation of this software since other software do it (Photo Studio for example).

Thanks, all help is appreciated!

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Layers are really the wave of the future, you should probably get on board. :-)

In all seriousness, it offers much more flexibility than the current method you're using, and it seems to be the way all graphics programs are going. It would behoove you to become a "layers guy" - your productivity would go up and your work would probably get even better. :-)


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Layers are your friends! Try just opening what you want to clone stamp over the other one on a layer under what you want to clone stamp on to so you can still see it, and clone stamp across the layers (when I learned I could do that I was ESTATIC!) then just delete the bottom (clone stamped FROM) image and voila!


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