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Any Moderator:Specific changes,please.

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Find Program files, and find Paint.NET, and find effects, place the .dll file in there, if it is a font, find filetypes in the paint.NET folder.

In the first post, the word "font" needs to be replaced with the phrase "file type plugin".


Also, in The Rules, the phrase "the Overlook" needs to be replaced with "The Alfredo".

(Rule 11 and Rule 21)


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Thanks for the response, DarkShock.

So what's the right way, pick a moderator at random and PM them, or something else.

I suppose you can just send a message to a couple of the Mods (we don't have much) to make the corrections. Making a thread about it just isn't necessary. :wink:

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DarkShock. You're not a mod, and you don't know what you're talking about. Cool it.

The ideal method would be to report the post (by clicking this button: icon_post_report.gif). Second option is to create a thread, as you did. Please do not send a PM. We get so many, there's a good chance we'll never see it. PMs should be reserved for communication that should not be visible to any other user.

As for your notes: The fonts > filetypes things has been fixed. I'm leaving the Alfredo as the Overflow in the rules, because I quite honestly don't know how long the Alfredo will have that name. It's already been over seven months. I don't want to change the rules, then change them back in a few weeks. It's noted as being "Formerly the overflow," so the rule still applies correctly.

Thank you for pointing them out!


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