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Deforming Objects?

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Is there a method for Deforming an object or selection? Like, I know you can stretch and such, but is there anyway to skew or pull out a single point?

It's been a while since I used photoshop (since back when I had a student version), but I think I did something like this there.

A simple example of what I mean is if I had a circle, and I wanted to pull out the top right corner so now it's more of a pointer with a rounded bottom left.

And if this isn't in, is there a way for me to make this into a plugin? From what I've noticed on the effects plugins, they never seem to use any GUI elements, only dialogue boxes (although I admit I haven't looked at the API yet, I'm a C++ guy so C# is a bit daunting).

Thanks for any info!

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Thanks! I tried the method in post one, and it wasn't giving me nearly the effect I was looking for. Never knew about that tool before though, so nice to have it!

Thanks for letting me know about the API stuff too, I appreciate the help!

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That's what I did. But even then it's difficult because when you change one parameter, all four points will move.

So that's why my idea was to remember the last 3 points. It requires only a little bit of math.

Hmm... I think the current method can't even get it correct in one time since it only pans after the rotationshit and not before.

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