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Merging two images

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Okay, I apologize for coming off like a noob, but everyone is one sometimes, so I hope you'll cut me some slack. :wink:

I had never heard of Paint.NET before a few minutes ago, and I'm not a graphics wiz, by any account, but someone just advised me that this program would make solving my issue easy. However, I appreciate if someone would step-by-step me thru the process, rather than just doing this for me. Gotta learn how to fish for myself.

I'm trying to take planetary graphics like this and put this this icosahedral map on top of it. The thing is, I have no idea how to even start. It seems to me that I'd have to somehow 'cut' all the white parts away, so that they don't hide the image beneath, but then wouldn't that be the same thing as just drawing the icosahedral design on top?

I'm hoping its not nearly as insane as I'm assuming it is. Any graphics geniuses that can show me how to do this?



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Ok, ok...playing around with it, I see how multiply/blend works. Looking good.

Now, since the grid doesn't automatically line up with the image, is there a way to 'pull' some of the grid in one direction, while another part of it is locked at a certain point? Basically, I want to get the points of the grid to all match up with their polar counterparts.

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Okay, to admit failure at 'fishing' is not something I'd like to do, but I'm get (metaphorically) hungry. If I could just get the grid to line up, then I can continue to use it for all of my planetary imagery. But, I'm feeling frustrated at being this close and not being able to get it to go all the way.

I've uploaded my .pdn here. Would you be willing to see if you even can get the grid to be manipulated like this? (Please note the almost invisible polar regions that make up each point of the map.)

I'd appreciate it if you would make the attempt.

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Thanks, Ash. That's really looking good.

But, to understand what you did: I see the nubs that are on the edges of the rectangular image (of the grid). How did you get the triangular points to fit individually? And how did you activate the panelling plugin?

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Did not use the plugin as it's not fit for this case.

Did you install the plugin? If not and you don't know how, there are step by step guides in that scetion of the forum.

You can find it in Distort sub menu.

I drag :MoveTool: each nub until all fits.




I mainly use 2,4,6 and 8. In this case, more control.


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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Roger that. I'll keep fudging with it. I guess I just needed to know it /could/ be done. Knowing is half the battle and all that.

Thanks, Ash: you're were the reason I understand the program. GIMP, even with the manual, just seemed to be too overwhelming.

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