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Razorblade, how to make realistic

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Thats actually not bad..If your trying to make it look like a razor blade, look at a real

razor blade and copy it, lets see, a razor blade is sharp! You might want to sharpen the edges.

Go to EFFECTS>PHOTO>SHARPEN. And make the amount 20. The color looks good, but make it a little darker,

go to ADJUSTMENTS>HUE/SATURATION. Leave the first two at defualt, and make the lightness -5. This should

give the color just a tad darker. And, if you really make it look real, go to EFFECTS>STYLIZE>RELIEF. Make the

angle between -40.00 and -140.00 for a realistic look. And thats all I can offer, sorry if its bad, or just plain dumb.

I hope this helped you, have fun and good luck! :)

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As you're creating an object in profile, using effects to mimic three-dimensional features, such as sharpen to make the edges look sharp, may not work as well as intended. In light of the medium, I would (also) suggest attempting to illustrate a metallic appearance; essentially the advice given already:

If your trying to make it look like a razor blade, look at a real razor blade and copy it
look up some chrome tutorials in the tutorial section ;)
Give these results a try:

http://www.google.com/cse?cx=0178119197 ... &sa=Search


Perhaps creating a background - better than below - would also hint realism:


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