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Where to post plugin questions

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I spend days searching for answers, experimenting with the tool, reading many incidental topics, then going back and making sure my question isn't answered or obvious. I spend a good amount of time deciding where to post my question. And then what happens? I get slapped in the face. Clearly, I need help understanding the rules.

According to the rules (emphasis mine):

2) Post in the correct section. For instance, the Plugins and Tutorials sections are STRICTLY reserved for PUBLISHING ONLY. Do NOT post questions in there. Your post will be deleted immediately. If you don't know where to post, you should probably be posting in the General forum.

I asked a plugin question in the General forum, because I didn't want my post to be deleted immediately from the plugin section, or to run afoul of any other rules. Fix the rule, follow it, or show me where the rules say I should be posting plugin questions in the section STRICTLY reserved for PUBLISHING ONLY.

Thank you,


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Okay, fine. I feel better knowing that we need to read stuff into the rules, and not take them verbatim. I'd hoped david.atwell would have explained it, since he's the one who locked my question. Gotta love the moderators, keeping us in line. :-)

Peace out.


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