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Clothing Ripples--Tutorial Request

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Ash gave an excellent example of cloth ripples in "I want to make velvet..."

If you follow that thread, it starts simple, "Sine waves". Then "Sine wave" and "waves". Then, "Sine waves", "waves" and "gradient". I was never able to come up with anything close, and am wondering if someone else can explain how to go from a solid background with a few manual squiggles to something as wonderful as what Ash came up with.

I've been experimenting with smudge, shadow, blurs, as well as the sine wave/wave/gradient, and different layers with different blend modes, but all I get is something that looks like multi-layered blurry shadow smudges of squiggles gradiating (new word) across a wave of sine waves. (And it looks worse than it sounds.)

Actually, I'm not looking for something as awesome as what Ash came up with. I just want to know how to make everyday, run-of-the-mill ripples, wrinkles, or creases in a cloth texture. Ideally, they will be on a separate layer from the cloth itself.



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