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Problems with Custom Brushes!

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Hi everybody,

I visited this website a lot but now I've some problems wich I can't solve by just reading and searching this website:

I've installed the CustomBrushesMini plugin but I can't load new brushes.... Can anybody help me with this problem? I've already tried several extensions (.cs & .abr) but none of them works...

Thank you in advance,


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Ah, all right, that declares the problem. What can I do about the brushes wich are hotlinked from this forum but are no png, gif, JPEG, bmp or gbr? Just look for other nice brushes or can I convert them some how?


I've downloaded abrViewer.Net and it seems to work. Now I'm going to find out how it exactly works so I can use all those wicked brushes in my creations!

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Keep in mind, problems with plugins need to be posted in the thread for that plugin.


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