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Gel Looking Broswer Button(Not a copy of other Gel Buttons)

Dj Slushy

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Hi there, this is sLuSHii X. I'll give you a minute to think to your self "who's that?" I made a new account (terribly sorry for the "now spam" account. The account name was a phase I guess you could say. It was my Xbox Live Gamertag for a Left 4 Dead team (semi semi pro I'd say). But now it's changed and all of my signatures I'v made say Dj Slushy on them anyways.

Enough about me lets get to the tutorial at hand.


The Plugins you will need

Outline Object OutlineObject.jpg

Align Object


This is what your result will be similar too.


1. To begin, get a canvas size of 93X93. Fill the background layer in with black.

2. Add new layer :AddNewLayer:. Hold shift and draw a dark green [267F00] filled circle :EllipseTool: :ShapeInterior:


3. Effects>Object>OutlineObject.jpg

Width,4. Softness,250. The more the width the more you should soften so it is not sketchy. The color of the outline should be a light green.


4. Add new layer :AddNewLayer:. Draw a selection box :RectangleSelectTool: inside the circle. Make sure all four corners are touching the outline. Like this.


Add a gradient :GradientTool: :LinearGradient:from the bottom of the box to the top of the box. Primary Color,Light Green[267F00] Secondary Color,White[FFFFFF]

Deselect and...


5. Gaussian Blur :GaussianBlur: with a radius of 16. It should look like this.


6. Time to add your text. To begin add a new layer :AddNewLayer:. For my text I used Visitor TT1 BRK, but you can use whatever you want, just not too crazy, it is a browser button after all! :P Make your font white and align it to the center.

Now OutlineObject.jpg Width,2. Softness,230. Color,Black


7. Finally, lets add that classic glossy look. Add new layer :AddNewLayer:.

Go back to layer 2 and magic wand :MagicWandTool: the inside circle. Now go back to layer 4 and use to your circle tool to create a solid WHITE circle :EllipseTool: :ShapeInterior:. Draw it how you feel, but at least halfway over the text would be nice too.

Gloss.pngNOTE:In this picture my text is not outlined, thats because I'v done this about three times now and jumped right to the gloss. KEEP YOURS OUTLINED!

Layer Properties>Opacity,60-44.

It should look like this.


Its not much of a change, but as some famous person once said "A little thing can go a long way" - Some Famous Person

Go to the background layer, select the black background and remove it(if you want).

Flatten and finish!

And the outcome...

*Imagine a drum roll please*




If the color green isn't your favorite color (it's not mine) then merge layers 2 and 3 down. In other words keep the text and gloss unmerged. Effects>Colors>Color Tint. Change the color to whatever you want. Although, the darker your color the less opacity you want on your gloss layer.

Orange is my favorite color! :D


Please post your results :D I'd like to see how I did for my...sort of first tutorial. :P


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