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  1. 9/10 Great job! the render of link is a bit blurry, but otherwise excellent. I really like the outline of him, it adds a nice touch. Trying a new one:
  2. Did it with a lighter green and using a circle, not rectangle gradient.
  3. Here's my attempt... added a bit of median and contrast, plus made it green. On the text I copied the layer then on the bottom did some zoom blur deluxe at medium quality.
  4. Scars Remain - Disciple May sound weird but Disciple is christian heavy metal... I know it's an oxymoron.
  5. nice, that's a cool effect, plus Shadow's just awesome. 8.5/10, as it is a little chaotic for my tastes.
  6. Supervillians are cooler. Water or Fire?
  7. I hate dentists. The first thing he does, he walks in, does the whole cleaning thing, says I have no cavities, and that he just wants an x-ray then i'm free to go. Guess what? I have a (small) cavity, plus he wants all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Yippee.
  8. Hey there! I have been using paint.net for quite a while, (like, two years) but have yet to join this forum. Now I have! Good for me.
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