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Complicated Multi-source Issue

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Hey, this is my first time posting in here and I haven't been using paint.net all that long but I have encountered a problem. I am using this program to re-texture skins for Thief 2's level editor. I can do the actual editing well enough, but my problem comes from the palette. The game uses it's own palette which is saved in a .gif file, if I'm getting this correctly, but as a program, paint.net will only read .pal files for palettes. Any way I could convert the .gif to a .pal to be able to use as a palette? Also, any way to convert a .pcx?

I ask this because the game assigns transparency spots to the skins that I'm working with that aren't noticeable unless you get in game or assign a bright, wacky color (like hot pink) as the default color (which is where the transparency lies, in the palette default).

Any help would be appreciated.


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