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Bug with the Tools window

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Right, it's working as intended. We don't resize the Tools box to fit within the main window, it doesn't work like that. It is not a child MDI window, it is simply a top-level owned window.

It may look a little weird, but in general when you resize any application or website to be small the layout is clumsy.

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The windows were made to be able to go beyond the bounds of the application window. If then the window is resized to be shorter than the height of the toolbox window, it makes sense that the toolbox window will extend outside the bounds of the window.

Were you expecting the toolbox to be hidden by the bounds of the window? If so, how would one work with the window at that size? Firstly, the tools at the bottom would be hidden. If you moved the toolbox up so the tools on the bottom would be visible to be selected, then you'd move the toolbar title bar off the top of the screen, thereby removing your only way to get it back.

Is this hampering your ability to work with the program at all?

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i guess so

actually, i was expecting the toolbar to be resized by the bounds of the window. well, if Rick could implement something like an arrow to all the missing tools, then it might work :)

nope. just thought it would be a bug.

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