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Meh, I need a gallery, I got too much stuff to show off XD. I've mad a few things here and there, but I'm planning on posting my older stuff first, and then some new stuff as I build on, but I did one yesterday using a TON of custom brushes that I'm VERY proud of.. It's on my DA, but I think a release to the Paint.NET community may be called for.

Here's an example of one of my older works. Now, keep in mind, that up until just recently I didn't even know this forum existed, so on these older ones, I used Paint.NET straight out of the "box" with no add-ons, considering that I think I'm not *terrible*:

This one was my DeviantID for a while, until I learned how to make shiny stuff.

Hidden Content:

An older image using my old planet technique..

Hidden Content:

Use this one as my DeviantID now, planning on changing it at some point..

Hidden Content:

And, I'll post my best one yet at some point,I just need to know, are there any size limits to pictures in this forum, as long as they are hidden? Cause it's like.. Desktop sized.. It's kinda my desktop.. XD




Most people are astounded by my age when I tell them I'm only 15.. :/

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The rule states the image must not be bigger than 800x600 pixels, but you can link your image to a larger version.

From my gallery is an example of a code:


Myrddin has an excellent tutorial, and I recommend reading it thorougly.

Welcome to the Forum, and I look forward to seeing more of your post.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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