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  1. As nice as this tutorial is, I'm finding that you could easily use one of the following plug ins to achieve the effect desired: 1. Wet Floor Reflection 2. Reflection 3. Water Reflection
  2. I love this idea! Very cool. Band Name: Defenses Are Down Album Name: Nothing Can Be Done Track Listing: 1. Of Much Humor 2. Past That Age 3. Something to Sell 4. May Was 5. It Is True 6. Maturity 7. Go Barefoot 8. Hate Plants 9. By Laughter 10. The Freezing of Water <3
  3. Hmm.... 1. Firefox. 2. Paint.NET 3. Microsoft Office Word 2007 4. Unfreeze 5. Yahoo! Messenger 6. Conquer 2.0 "A New Era" 7. And, sometimes, Panda 3D.
  4. Thankies! No, I actually don't, I meant to save it as a PDN but I blew it off...but I sorta remember how I did it. I could probably recreate a similar effect. I just did a whole lot of smudging. Any, 8/10 on your's. The Halo thing's a bit too popular, but I like how it looks like pieces of him are coming off...perhaps some sort of gloss over those pieces would look nice? I don't know.
  5. Thankies for the comments & suggestions. And yes, the green thing is meant to be there--if you look to the left of that, and if you look at the right angle with the right lighting, there's a rainbow.
  6. Woah! My gallery looks very very pathetic next to your's...I /love/ your starscapes.
  7. Thankies! Oh, 10/10 on your's. I /love/ the Jellyfish--100% PDN?
  8. iKid--9/10. I like the flow, but I can't really see the video game/character in the corner. Good job.
  9. Love those starscapes! I think the "black hole" looking this is very nice. Keep it up!
  10. Hey, thanks! I'm so glad you like them. You know, I was racking my brain for something that would make them look less rendered. A small blur would be nice!
  11. Welcome to my gallery. All of these are my works that I've created in PDN--some of them are using stock images. Most of the stock images I do not own and I do not claim their bases as my own. some of these are, I'm quite proud of them. Color Effects: Stocks: This is my latest creation that's actually worth posting! It's a...stock tag...looking thing including pictures from Wiki Commons, and a hand-made c4d! Enjoy! This was quite the fun thing to make, I liked how it turned out. It took an hour of work and at least 25 layers to make it. It started out as a simple stock image...and then, I came along and made it Colorborne Creek. I have been obsessed with NCIS lately...and Abby, the geekish forensic scientist/computer nerd--the key to NCIS--is my favorite character. I made this with a few stock images and a handmade rendered c4d. I hope you like it! I think it looks like the waterfalls are "bleeding" the colors--so I named it Bleeding Color Creek. I've been obsessed with this kinda of thing lately. I've decided to call this one "The Pathway To Heaven". I call this piece "The Sunshine Alley". I like it a lot. Sigs/Avatars: My latest sig. <3 Abstracts: My first abstract background! "The Space Tunnel". It's my newest work, and I love it. Ect: "Feather". Made using Ash's fur tutorial, Bevel Selection Plug-in, and Feather Plug-in. "The Puddle". It's harder than it looks, actually. I call this piece "Snakeskin". It's extremely easy to make, I was surprised. It just goes to prove how easily Paint.NET can do things! That is my latest and probably my favorite thing I've ever created in Paint.NET--I made it today. It is the base for a website layout of mine... Again, a website banner...but I never used it, actually. It just felt too emo or something. I think that's more of a "texture" of something to that effect. I don't even remember how I created it. While I don't know the exact information of how I got that....I know that a lot of messing around was involved.
  12. ((First off, great tutorial, I'm doing it right now for a layout and it's turning out beautiful!)) Okay, I think your problem is the tolerance. Up above, below the main menu, is a "tolerance" bar when you've selected the Magic Wand. Drag it all the way down to zero.
  13. Interesting idea, and it taught me a lot about the whole "Zoom/Rotate", believe it or not. Here's what I got, on my site layout: