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  1. As nice as this tutorial is, I'm finding that you could easily use one of the following plug ins to achieve the effect desired: 1. Wet Floor Reflection 2. Reflection 3. Water Reflection
  2. Thankies! No, I actually don't, I meant to save it as a PDN but I blew it off...but I sorta remember how I did it. I could probably recreate a similar effect. I just did a whole lot of smudging. Any, 8/10 on your's. The Halo thing's a bit too popular, but I like how it looks like pieces of him are coming off...perhaps some sort of gloss over those pieces would look nice? I don't know.
  3. Thankies! Oh, 10/10 on your's. I /love/ the Jellyfish--100% PDN?
  4. iKid--9/10. I like the flow, but I can't really see the video game/character in the corner. Good job.
  5. ((First off, great tutorial, I'm doing it right now for a layout and it's turning out beautiful!)) Okay, I think your problem is the tolerance. Up above, below the main menu, is a "tolerance" bar when you've selected the Magic Wand. Drag it all the way down to zero.
  6. Interesting idea, and it taught me a lot about the whole "Zoom/Rotate", believe it or not. Here's what I got, on my site layout:
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