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Layering an Image

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I am working on a banner for my web page. It will be fairly plain, but I'm having trouble layering the image I need. My company logo is on a white background. Opening a .png form of the logo in PDN, I have the image only at the correct size I need. Then, I created a background that was sized to fit the banner space I have on my web site. I next imported the image, but my newly created background size changed and became too wide. (It seems that even though my image is showing up in the .png format with the background stripped away, when I import it to my pre-sized background it takes on the dimensions of the original image and background.) Because I don't fully understand the layering process, I don't know how to get the image only (which again is the correct size to fit my banner space) to merge with my newly created background without the newly created background becoming way to wide.


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I will tell you may way, hope it will work with you, create your background with size you want, Don't import the logo direct to the background by importing it from layers menu, just open the logo as new image from file menu, select it all, copy it and then paste it in to new layer(find this order under Edit menu) on the created background, when the dialog window appear, choose "keep canvas size" then center your logo.

Hint if the logo file is larger than the created back ground, then choose "expand canvas" from the dialog window, then sizedown your finished image to the proper size.

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