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option changing (forward-backward)

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I'd like to see a feature where right clicking a setting button reverses (where applicable) the setting selection order. for example, the selection mode button; left clicking goes from NORMAL to ADD to SUBTRACT to INTERSECT to INVERT and around. what I'm requesting is that when right clicking the button goes from NORMAL to INVERT to INTERSECT to SUBTRACT to ADD and around. I don't have an installation of PDN on my current workstation, so I can't think of any other buttons that this function would apply to, but in theory it would apply to all controls that had this type of function.

You know the place.

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Right-click is the convention for "bring up a property menu", not for cycling in the reverse direction. Nor would this feature be discoverable at all.

Not gonna happen.

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Holding the shift key is the convention for reversing the order of iteration. I don't really see much point, though. You can just pull down the list and click the one you want. Is 2 clicks really so bad?


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