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Working with TEMPLETS

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hi, I'm new to paint.net. I have templets that the company I want to print the artwork requires. Anyway, they were the one's who suggested using paint.net. I'm totally confused I do have the design I want on the templetes but I'm not sure that my artwork is fitting.

What I have done is downloaded the templete to the project then I added a layer and it has my artwork.

All I can see is 2 seperate designs the blank templete and my artwork.

If you can understand this post please advise


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A template is usually used to make sure your art conforms to a certain printable area at a certain resolution. DPI can be confusing, so templates are very helpful.

Move your template layer to the bottom of the layer stack, then double-click that layer in the layers window to bring up the layer properties. Move the opacity slider until you can see your image through the template.

If the areas you want printed are within the printable guide lines of your template, you're good to go. Delete your template layer and save your image, and you're done. Otherwise keep working.

Make sure to save your image twice. Once as a .pdn with layers (so you can make changes later) and again as a .png file (for printing or posting to the web.)

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Please make sure to post in the correct forum. Moved


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