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@hippiechos Thanks. :) And I agree with you. I went overboard with the gradient...and the white...and the clouds plugin. At that time, I didn't know how to create glowing objects/effects without making them appear to be washed out. Golden light... I'll see how I can integrate it with my idea so far.

About the heart, maybe a change in composition would work? A composition has to lure the viewer's eye to the focal point. So, the heart should be able to help that, along with the rest of the elements. (I wrote those ideas on a small sketch I have of the remake.)


Thanks. :) I already commented on how blurry it looks. And quote:


2 hours ago, Beta0 said:

...I was trying to get a smooth look. It ended up blurry.


I really tried to make them like brush strokes. It didn't work well because I over-used gaussian blur. X]

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