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Drawing Hair

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I've searched a few times randomly, when I had time over the past few weeks, for a tutorial on drawing hair with paint.net and failed to find anything. I've seen the tut for creating fur or grass.. and yeah it looks like hair.. but I want to take a picture of a person or a drawn person and actually draw the hair on the head.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this something I just need to try in photoshop? Maybe I just didn't look in the right places for a tut and one actually exists?

Any feedback would be much appreciated as I'm getting frustrated with myself trying to do it on my own. Thanks.

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Here is a decent quality tutorial for hair and fur: viewtopic.php?t=6029

In fact, here is an even better tutorial by Ash: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6143

Both of these were found using www.SearchPaint.NET. In the future, please use both available search engines to find the content you are looking for before posting for help. These search utilities work wonders! As well, while you are searching for hair, search for The Rules. Click on the first result (either engine) to find the answer regarding bumping threads. This will keep you away from the moderator's thumb ;)

Hope this has helped!


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I've already seen those tuts, those are the ones I was talking about in the second sentence... So, I had already searched before I posted for help. I already read the rules as well before posting but unfortunately was too busy at the time to run through and read them again for bumping rules. I'm well aware there would have been information in the rules thread about that. Thanks anyways for your help. :wink:

-This can be locked now as I doubt I will find what I'm looking for-

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maybe a picture of what type of hair you are after. that manga style stuff, or actual hair.

I've done a few this one is polar inversion and lots of paste and stick


the renisance man is mainly pencil and blurs and gradiants


or this one gradiant lines, the under lalyers blured a bit, and also I think some twist as well .... its been ages since I've done this one.


its very possible to do hair its just going to take you some time and patience. best method is the gradiant lines (grass/fur tut_ if you have another style or type of hair you want advise on just let me know

another method I'm trying at the moment is to use Madjiks volutes plugin and make my self some hair swatches as brushes and then use the brush plugin by Simon. still infancy stages so no tut avail. .

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