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Left over pixels

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Hi, i have looked through the forum and not found what i need to know, although no doubt i missed it (happens as you get old). :roll:

I have removed the background from a ten megapixel photo, using the wand, leaving just the head of a bird. The result is that a lot of groups of pixels (up to a dozen or so) still have colour (color) in them. I can only see the smaller groups under magnification (3200%), i will be using the image on various coloured backgrounds. Is there an easy way to clear these pixels.

Thanks, Garry

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Sorry my explanation is not clear. I have uploaded the photo to photobucket.

These are the links. If you zoom in on the photo (the background should be clear) you can see pixels that have colour in them. I'm probably missing something really simple. :oops:

By the way it is saved as png, not sure if that makes a difference to any thing.


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In the future, if you wan't a cleaner cut, so that your cut-out isn't sloppy, it would be wise to follow this tutorial.

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