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creating a superimposed image

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this may be simple, but I cannot figure it out.

I want to create an image that looks like it has a secondary image superimosed onto it. And then faded out to have a smooth transition from one to the other.


that is just a sample of something that I mean. I'd like the picture of the woman to blend into the main picture.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

(if the picture comes out too big, I'm sorry!)

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Try this, open up the background image, then click layers->import from file and find the image you want superimposed. cut out the section of the superimposed image that you want saved like entY8 said up there ^. now, duplicate the superimposed layer and on the original superimposed layer (the one that's underneath the new one), do a gaussian blur to fade it in. After that's done, play around with the opacity of the top layer till you get something close to what you want.

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