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What's the best way to expand one part of the body!

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I'm terribly sorry, with a title like that, I was inches away from locking this as spam. ;)

Additional to HELEN's advice, you could also try the Smudge plugin. Although, it should be used carefully so not to distort the feature and/or background too much. There is also another plugin that enabled the user to morph an image at will, à la Photoshop's Liquify, but I cannot seem to find it at the present time.

(No, it was not Mike's April Fools' joke.)

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You can try this and select the nose and enlarge it.

Just follow the steps and you'll get a very good effect.

Appreciate the help guys.

But your link says this....

"Now rectangle select the eye again and shink and move it to where u want it on the face"

So, um...


Doesn't say that.

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If you want to enlarge that part, make the selection bigger.

Use :MoveTool:, grab a corner nub, hold shift to keep the ratio (shape) of it, then drag it to the desired size.

GREAT! Thanks. So one can change size with the Selects and move tools.

Also for more subtle, someone said you can use budge.

Thanks again!

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