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? have you looked at the plugin section? at all?

there are so so many. all do different things. and if you are just starting out I'd stick to the basics first. add your plugins as required.

if you want to get your feet wet trying out installing and using some plugins

try BoltBaits pkg or Pyrochilds pkg or one by Madjik

the brushes is a bit different installation and if you are into that sort of thing then download the one by Simon.

you into taking photos and then fixing colors etc. the ones by Tanel come to mind.

and so many others that do different things. Depends on what type of art you wish to do. The plugin guys developed per requests from the picture makers, or to simplfy steps as we went along.

tell us what you want to work on and maybe other plugins will come to mind on being more suited to your needs.

but an all inclusive list. :wink: are you volunteering to do such a task?

at the begginning of the plugin lists you will note some are stickied , they are stickied for a reason. Because people keep coming back to them over and over again.

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In the program itself, going to Help > Plugins takes you to the only exhaustive list.

Coming to this forum leads you to a list of all the subfora here, including one called "plugins." Which happens to be the same as above.

Coming to this forum also leads you to the rules, one of which requires you to use search before posting. Searching for Plugins on searchpaint.net gives - as the first result - the exact same thing.

Tell ya what. I'll lock this thread and pretend it never happened if you'll put forth some effort before you post next and NOT expect us to do your work for you, ok?

Thanks. And welcome! Trust me, I'm much more amicable toward people who actually pay attention. Do so, and you'll do fine. :-)

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