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Background Effects to make a Background/Poster

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I've been trying to search, but can't find any related topics for a while.

I'm really new to photoshop, so i need your help.

for example, a picture like this:


the patterns in the foreground.

Or, this picture:


where the background is really nice.

Can someone teach me? Or guide me to a tutorial?

I haven't been able to find such tutorials or help.

I can be emailed at teresa.elizabethkoh@hotmail.com should there be any problem.

Thank You!

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Paint.NET is mildly similar to Photoshop, in that it shares a few tools and they are both graphic editors. However, there are a vast differences, a list of which is best for another time.

As for your backgrounding needs, KJslove1994 is correct. In the Tutorials section you will find many that instruct in the creation of 'abstract' designs, and looking from your example images, this might be what you're looking to do. Don't forget that you can just as easily experiment with Paint.NET, trying all the effects in combinations or standalone, seeing how far you can push their potential to your needs - to paraphrase a skilled user.

Once you have your background sorted as you like, KJslove1994's advice come into play. There is a tutorial that gives step-by-step instruction towards 'cutting' an object or person out of a picture for placement elsewhere, 'blending' of sorts. This is what you'll want to look to do for your person/s. It goes by the name of 'Cutting Out Images the Easy Way', and you can find that in the Tutorials section as well. Furthermore, particularly for the first composite, the 'Comaro' tutorial will teach you phasing one picture into another, also blending of sorts.

I would recommend the slightly longer process of alpha masking (plugin | tutorial). You follow the same steps as the above tutorial except you create a mask at the end of it and use the associated plugin. Depending how well you create your mask, you can produce some professional-looking cut-outs; an absolute winner with some users.

This post shows a quick example of alpha masking: viewtopic.php?p=238352#p238352

Does some of this help you?

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