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  1. You might want to change your title to something more specific before this thread is locked and to answer your question it sounds like you need to flatten your image and save it as a png. The pdn file type is only allowed in the paint.net program itself
  2. Simon just created another tutorial for this one. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=28790
  3. try this tut you should be able to adapt parts of it to what you want viewtopic.php?f=36&t=27823
  4. try this tut you should be able to adapt parts of it to what you want viewtopic.php?f=36&t=27823
  5. This is a discussion board for paint.net not photoshop. you can search tutorials for blending images.
  6. Lorri, I'm so happy you were able to figure out how to unzip the files. Have you been able to start playing with the plugins yet? Janettsue, I completely understand about change with computers. It took me a bit to get used to vista. I like to open the zip file right away instead of saving it that way I don't have to go back and delete a bunch of unused files. It opens to a temporary internet file which I assume is deleted after I close out.
  7. Darkmie, you can make the graphics for the first one in PDN, but you will need to know how to code for myspace for it to work on your profile. Unfortunately the website I used to use is down. There are websites that have the flash layouts.
  8. I apologize I wasn't clear enough. to left of the open window there should be a list of files contained on your computer. If you hover the mouse over one of the folders you will see a little triangle arrow here is a picture of what I'm trying to explain. Hope this helps
  9. Hey lorri, I noticed that you have vista, this should already include a way to unzip folders. I will try to give you a step by step of how I download and install plugins. I know that you have already downloaded the zip file, but lets start from the beginning and see if we can get you up and going. Before you begin make sure you have paint.net closed. 1. click on the download link 2. when it says open or save, click open 3. this should bring up a window with the downloaded files already unzipped. 4. to the left of the window will be folders that are on your computer. scroll down until
  10. For your sig, resize the canvas to the height you want, before pasting the man resize him down to the height of your sig canvas. Paste him in a new layer. I hope this helps.
  11. The color of your text is the color that is selected in your primary color window from the color wheel
  12. What simon means is always type your text on a new layer that way you can just delete the layer. For the mean time, if you have not typed your text on a new layer then go to the history window and delete the text If you have already saved the pic and closed PDN then there really is no way to delete the text.
  13. The best solution I could work out for this font is type your text and run outline object, but make sure your text is on a separate layer than your background. Maybe someone else can come up with a better solution.
  14. It definitely could be the font that you are trying to use. Each font will be affected differently. Blockier text tends to work best, but you could try and make your text larger than what you need in a new file (different from your background) and resize down until it is less noticeable or try a little feathering to smooth the edges. I hope this helps. What font are you using? I could try and work out a solution for you.
  15. jeszbby, Type your text on a seperate layer above your background. Lower the transparancy of the color(just enough to see the background come through) of text before you begin typing. Select text (you may need to lower the tolerance level) and run the outline selection plugin from Boltbait
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