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I am seeking a gradient fill tool! Fill in Text multi colors

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hey there! Its been a while since I posted and I just got a new pc again after 5 months and now I need to refresh my memory on using this software. I need a gradient fill for putting 2 colors in outlined text. I need it too look like this:

Or maybe I dont need a gradient fill but just use hue/conditionaL saturation to make the text? the problem is the text needs to have a black outline with orange and yellow inside


Shawn Edward Strickland

"The Strickalator"

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On a new layer write your text in orange. Then duplicate it, Adjustments > Hue/Saturation - move the Hue slider to make it yellow. The on the yellow text layer, use the gradient tool in :AlphaChannel: mode, and draw a linear gradient from the top of your text to the bottom. For the outline, Outline Object is what you need. Download pyrochilds amazing plugin pack, install it (i presume you know how to, as you have conditional Hue/Saturation), and enjoy creating your required text. :)

Merry Christmas


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