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  1. I just wanted to know if there is a plug in that will let me make animated images and/or banners?
  2. Um i got the conditional hue saturation plugin but its not working right, also the eye color change needs the feather plugin and i dont see where to get that
  3. Well I want to give her black eyeshadow, and eyeliner, longer lashes, red lipstick, make her eyes glow red, or just make the eyes appear more evil, i want her face to be more evil looking too but im not sure how to explain that. Basically im looking to make her look a sexy evil, not a gross looking version
  4. I want to take a photo and change it so that she looks more goth or evil looking, I see no way to do this without using plugins so what would you recommend?
  5. hey there! Its been a while since I posted and I just got a new pc again after 5 months and now I need to refresh my memory on using this software. I need a gradient fill for putting 2 colors in outlined text. I need it too look like this: Or maybe I dont need a gradient fill but just use hue/conditionaL saturation to make the text? the problem is the text needs to have a black outline with orange and yellow inside
  6. :arrow: How come there are multiple threads with install problems and crashing problems with 3.30? I have 3.22 on my pc as of now and I was going to update until I saw the threads. Should I be concerned and wait or can someone tell me what to do from here?
  7. I figured it out...in order to take a still shot of any video in windows media player you have to disable overlays ....im not even sure i need overlays on for watching videos as it didnt seem to make a difference.... now i CAN take screenies and paste
  8. no theres no layers...just the 1 layer....the selection too is all goofy and has a black blue color when selecting text in fact now no matter what image type i save it in .....none of my images are being saved... i did a print screen from windows media player and saved an image but the image saved is just all black now seems to be windows media player....i cant print screen and save an image ...even while its paused...it was working before and it stopped working EDIT >>> Ok well I still have this blue box when using selection tool...its like your making a rectangle thats blue instead of using the selection tool...on a clear or transparent background the selection is light blue....but on a darker background it becomes dark blue and its not see through like it was before. I cant see the area i am selecting EDIT #2 >>> Now I have confirmed that the problem is in trying to save a jpeg file format when you are cutting and pasting from a print screen using windows media player...any other print screen seems fine....i can save the image in any format except for jpeg...when saving an image from a print screen capture from windows media player
  9. Please help, This did not happen in the last paint.net software and i am not sure whats going on anyways the new rectangle select tool is not clear and see through #1 like it was...its all blackish blue when i select an area and it covers it up. same for any selection tool... it seems to still copy and paste an image , however when i saved a jpeg file...it only saved the text and not the picture area that I had selected... im uploading the image here:
  10. well yeah i found these in clip art and was going to use em i guess i can always reverse the position or rotate the balloons but still wanting an ice looking word balloon :twisted: magic wand out the background er um well i dont know how to do that..
  11. I need to use a tool in paint that will let me create complex word ballons...with colors and effects like ice,fire ect or shiver cold to show emotion I also need the point tip of the word balloon to come at an angle so it is smooth and appears to come from the character... like this
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