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Remove Cut out lines

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Hi All,

I will try to explain my problem, please bear with me.

I followed the instructions from Tendercrisp post Cutting out images the easy way! Version 2.

For some reason I still have all the lines I made to trace around the image in my picture, I have been reading lots of different posts so as not to tie up anyone elses time, but I still cannot find an answer.

Can anyone help, or have any suggestions. :oops:

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Did you draw those lines on a new layer as the tutorial says? If so, you can just disable the layer on which you drew them.

If not, I hope you didn't save your edits over the original file - you can re-open the original, and you may be able to use what you have now as the mask (Layers -> Import From File to bring the original into your cut-out version if you haven't resized the image at all), so you won't have to draw all those lines again, but if you drew them on the same layer as the original image, the only way to get the original image back is to undo ([Ctrl]+[Z]) everything, and that would only work if you haven't closed the image yet.

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