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Custom Brushes 5.1.5 BETA

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As Pyro suggested, I have begun adding a custom crash log function to the plugin - they only include basic information at the moment, but I hope to change this with feedback. Feel free to use Reflector on this (the main reason I don't release the source code is to prevent people from confusing it with open-source software). To crash the plugin even more easily than usual*, press Ctrl + Shift + F1.

Note that the plugin may act slightly unusually - I believe some of may changes didn't save properly. :?

ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll: License can be found here: http://sharpdevelop.net/OpenSource/Shar ... fault.aspx under the "License" heading.

CustomBrushes.dll: Copyright © Simon Brown 2008

Use at your own risk.

* "When you say "I wrote a program that crashed Windows", people just stare at you blankly and say 'Hey, I got those with the system, for free!'"" --Linus Torvalds


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