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Pencil pic (while using paintbrush)? Or wider pencil?

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Hello everyone,

I teach math and I am wanting to use the paintbrush but with the pencil showing on the screen as I'm writing. Or, if I could set different pixel widths for a thicker pencil, so what I'm writing shows up more boldly.

Do I need to create my own paint brush? Or if anyone knows of another program that will allow me to do this, please let me know.

Dankeschoen- Mathyu

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Hello mathyu.

At the moment, there is no way you can have the Pencil cursor (or similar) show whilst using the Paintbrush, nor have Paintbrush's own icon showing when drawing. If you use the Paintbrush, you will have to make do with the cross-hairs. Also, as you have found out, there is no way to adjust the width of the Pencil tool: one pixel width is the maximum.

Saying that, the Paintbrush does have adjustable width, and you can make it the act of drawing look like the Pencil tool with the anti-aliasing turned off ( :AntiAliasingOn: > :AntiAliasingOff: ) to give it the 'jaggered' appearance.

Other than that, there is nothing you can do as far as the cursor is concerned. Sorry.

On a final note, you asked for suggestions. I would have suggested Windows Paint (the standard Windows drawing package), but the Pencil tool of Paint is the same as ours, as in, it does not have a variable width as its Paintbrush does - which, too, uses a cross-hair cursor. The GIMP gives you adjustable width for its Pencil tool, however, I would suggest against GIMP for your purposes because of its overly 'complex' nature. I will not stop you from taking a gander at it, though.

All I can say now is: 'good luck' :).

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I don't think Paint.NET is the right software for this. Are you using a SmartBoard or a graphic tablet? If so, they usually come with software much better than PDN for this. And if you really really want to use Paint.NET, you can simply use the text tool :TextTool:.

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