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I assume you mean step 2:

2- Make the same shape but a little smaller in white on a new layer and cut it leaving only the top half, then select the gradient tool pdn35icons.GradientToolIcon.png and switch it too linear :LinearGradient: transparency mode :AlphaChannel: . Now right click near the bottom of the shape and drag it towards the top like in the picture, you can repeat this action a couple times until your happy with the result.

The Gradient Tool will not fill anything up if it's in transparency mode. After you select the Gradient tool :GradientTool: - linear :LinearClampedGradient: , switch to transparency mode :AlphaChannelOnly:.


For detailed documentation on the Gradient tool click here.

Alternative way to "Make the same shape but a little smaller in white on a new layer" before you use the Gradient Tool:

- Duplicate layer [Ctrl+Shift+D]

- Invert Colours [Ctrl+Shift+I]

- Use Rotate / Zoom [Ctrl+Shift+Z] and move the Zoom slider to anything between 95 and 98 (use the keyboard up and down arrow keys for finer adjustment). Keep all other fields at zero.

EDIT: Quite funny result of a typo. My "Shift" in "Invert Colours" above showed up as "<No Cursing.>". I wonder what typing mistake I made! :D

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