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how can i write diaphanous letters

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how can i write diaphanous letters?i think that with this version of paint net i cant write diaphanous letters.please create a plugin because i have a site and i must trademark my pictures.my english may be not good but i dont know very well english.

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Where are you from?

I'm from Germany, and me English isnt well, too :(

But, what is your problem guy?

If you mean transparent with "diaphanous" (sorry, I dont know the word "diaphanous"), it would be easy ;)

Create a new layer and write the letters. Then doubleclick at the layer thumbnail and set the opacity to maybe 100.



EDIT: Do you mean something like this: http://www.dog-photo.com/cpg132/albums/2004_11_27/normal_143.jpg ??

There is a © in the image, against copying it.

If you meant, follow the steps I wrote above.

Writing a copyright sign wouldnt be difficult, too.

Write a "C" and then make a circle around (with the ellipse tool and holding down shift.) The same is with "®". And the "TM", you will get alone, I think :D

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