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Last update blocks wifi on my laptop.

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I have used Paint.net for years. I have always installed the updates as they became available. Once I allowed the program to install the last update, the wifi on my laptop stopped working. When I was offline, I would search for available networks. A whole list of networks I had never seen before showed up in the list, but none of my networks. I worked on this issue for days, but was unable to get a wifi connection. Finally, I restored to an earlier restore point, and that fixed the problem. Everything was fine until I allowed Paint.net to install the latest update again. As soon as it did, my wifi stopped working. I then restored again and from that point on, I stopped allowing it to install the update. Today, the same wifi issue occurred. I was finally fed up and uninstalled Paint.net and my wifi instantly connected again. Has anyone else had this same issue?

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I think you are having more of a driver issue. A Windows Update / Driver update causing an issue which is why system restore fixed things. Thats just my hunch and 2 cents. PDN does not install drivers, tweak or modify any registry keys related to hardware. Some things I would investigate:


1. Drivers (you might want to roll them back to a known good version)

2. Check recent updates from MS and read the KB information for known issues.

3. Check Power savings features and make sure the radio is not being turned off (ie Sleep, selective power saving, power throttling etc)


Because system restore worked, we can rule out some of the possibilities.


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