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When I print a particular file it prints on an angle, not straight

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It looks fine when I am setting up the print and on the print preview but when it actually prints, it is on an angle!


I tried printing the same file in other programs and it works fine.


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I was curious, so I thought I would try this. I noticed that if you select Full Page Photo, it does rotate the image slightly to the right. But if you choose 13 x 18 cm, it shows in the preview correctly


But the Fit Picture to Frame option is mystifying. I would have thought with this option being clicked, it would fit the image to the preview frame. But no, it appears to be outside the bounding frame - so you unclick the option to fit the image


I also saw (I have an Epson Stylus SX235W) that it picks up the Paper size correctly, but in Paper type there is no option for plain paper, just photo paper


Anyway, I managed to print the image, but it only printed the image as an outline



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20 hours ago, Joel said:

Oh well, I guess I'll just use some other program then.

I use Paint.NET for image editing and IrfanView for printing because the latter provides much more control than the Windows "Print Pictures" app.

Here's a post showing IrfanView's printing capabilities:



And here's a post showing the way I use an AutoHotkey script to instantly view the current paint.net image in IrfanView, from where it can easily be printed.

Just press F9 in Paint.NET, then Ctrl+P in IrfanView to print:


Do ask if you need any help with this.


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