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Can someone here correct this DISTORTED and SIDE-DARKENED text image ?....

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Hello everyone !  Im NOT familiar with DISTORTION CORRECTION apps and have not been able to find one that can un-distort a CURLED IMAGE....


Can anyone un-distort this sample image below of a text page ?  If yes, could you also correct the GRADATED DARKENING toward the bottom and R-side of the image (and remove the dark spotting to look like the paragraph at center-top ?....


If you are able to do ONE OR BOTH corrections, please inform me what that app is and where i can get it !!!  I thank you !



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To clarify my need and request.
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Two problems with this post:


1) You posted this in a section clearly labeled for publishing plugins ONLY. Don't do that. I've moved this to General.


2) We will not do your work for you. We can help you figure out how to do what you want, but we are not a "do your homework for free" forum.


I'm also locking this post. You can make a new post that follows the rules and we'll be happy to talk.

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