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hand tool (partially) disabled on startup

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When I open a .pdn, and select the Pan tool (hand, or it is preselected from settings), I get the hand with an X and can't move the canvas. Zooming however works. But as soon as I do a zoom and back (=no-op), I can move the canvas. Why would I want to move the canvas first, before doing anything else? For example to center to the part of the canvas where I want to work (and before zooming), or to avoid palettes. That has been in all versions of paint.net >=4.x, since I know paint.net, including the current 5.0.6 (Installer, not Microsoft Store).





(And I'd like to remember the run-away behaviour of the drawing and selection tools when dragging the mouse near the window border, but still inside it, which makes precision work sometimes surprising).

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When opening a new image, the zoom is automatically set to "Zoom to Window". This fixes the zoom level so that the image fits in the window, or 100% zoom for images that are smaller than the window (it will only zoom out, in other words).


You can press Ctrl+B to toggle it, or Ctrl+0 (View -> Actual Size) to set to 100% zoom. Both will get you what you want.


This has been the behavior since ... version 1.0 probably?



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On 6/11/2023 at 8:35 AM, Rick Brewster said:

This has been the behavior since ... version 1.0 probably?


Thank you for explaining the situation and I'm sorry not reading your answer earlier. I didn'nt notice that it concerns the ctrl-B behaviour. My screen is just 15,6 inch and palettes overlap the image on opening, or ctrl-B.


I consider this: Zooming is allowed in the ctrl-B situation.  if panning is inhibited for a reason (which ones?), zooming should be inhibited also, until ctrl-B is released. (Currently panning-after-zoom is allowed, but the inverse, zoom-after-panning is inhibited in the ctrl-B situation. Yet, zoom-after-panning seems more natural to go to the initial, or next, work area on the image.) Is somebody depending on this ctrl-B-panning behaviour? Why not keep panning anyway unlocked after a ctrl-B, or after clicking the icon in the zoom controls at lower right (between % and ruler)?


(version still 5.0.6)





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