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Hello there.i have an issue related to shortcuts.


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I have an issue with the shortcuts. after using the program for an hour, I simply press a shortcut and it doesn't work. From what I've seen, this is not an issue with my keyboard and I've had it on my laptop and on my second computer. The problem still persists it's happening to me today too. basically I press a shortcut and it doesn't work and it doesn't change tools like it should. in these cases I've tried to restart the program and it doesn't work. it just happens for a while and then it goes away. I don't know why it is also what it is caused by. anyone who knows what is going wrong, please reply to the post

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Some actions that you take might require you to click the canvas before the shortcut will work, but if it's persisting through restarting the program, it's external to paint.net. Maybe you've turned on an accessibility feature like sticky keys or filter keys by accident. Type those into start menu and make sure they're off. If that's not it, try a different keyboard. This tells us if it's a hardware error. If that doesn't work, try to reproduce this error on a completely different computer with the alternate keyboard from the last step. If you can get it to fail there, we need to know all the steps you did in enough detail that we can reproduce the error ourselves, to confirm if it's a bug.

Useful info to provide:
- what is the shortcut that's not working? Name one that you tested does not work.
- what is the state of the program and the last few steps you did before you found it wasn't working?

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