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Selected Layer Does Not Want to Be Moved?

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Once i




to a new layer, that layer - upon pasting, is the active layer and moving it around moves JUST that wee piece of image.


I can't figure one thing out.  Once I go BACK to any layer - I can make it visible  or invisible via check mark.  I can select it.  But, it does not want to move?  So that if I pasted a smiley face on layer 3, I can MOVE that smiley face all around via paste.  But, once NEW layers appear, returning to that smiley face on layer 3 I can't seem to get it to move.


What do you think is happening?


Thanks! :) !

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> What do you think is happening?

I think what's happening is that you have not discovered the excellent Paint.NET documentation.

Click the :Help: icon, and select Documentation (or just press F1).


Then read about 'Tools | Selection Tools'  and 'Tools | Move Tools'

Then experiment.

If anything isn't clear, ask here again.



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