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Trouble Downgrading

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Preliminary hi, hello, I've been using PDN for about seven-eight years, genuine thanks and appreciation for the continuing support. 


To give some context for my trouble, I've recently become interested in a macro script. Apparently pyrochild's Script Lab is the best option, but since about Dec 2021 there's been some documentation of Script Lab not playing nice with other plugins. 


I don't really have issues Ctrl+Fing and Ctrl+Ling repeatedly, but a macro would really help with resizing and layer options. As far as I can tell, Ctrl+R and F4 do not retain recent settings. Normally this is a non-issue, but when you're working with hundreds of files... 


So I would like to downgrade to a version that does have Script Lab support. But whenever I try to install an old version of PDN, it appears to sync with the latest release. I've tried numerous sites and releases; I've scoured over the forum and the greater internet for answers. There's probably a really obvious answer to this problem but I can't think of what to do.

I completely understand if there is no plan for continuing Script Lab support and if downgrading has become a non-option. If there is any substitute to Script Lab I am open to hear about it. 

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Sorry, but downgrading isn't something you'll find any support for here. We only provide any kind of support for the latest version only. This is very clearly stated at the top of the forum and in the rules.


@pyrochild hasn't responded to any inquiries about ScriptLab, so I have no idea what's going to ever happen there.

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No worries! I was actually super hesitant about this thread because of #7 and I tried to abide by such, but thank you for the speedy response and clarification! 


I'll look for a regular macros then. Thank for you all you do. 

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