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Fix Uneven Lighting

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Hi All


In the attached image I have been touching up you can see a triangle type shape that starts at the mid-point of the hair and expands down to a base that is just below the nose. This area is obviously much lighter than the rest of the photo. I have tried copying just that area to a new layer and then playing with the blends and opacity but I can't find a combination that gets that section to blend in with the rest of the photo!


So... Does anybody have any ideas about how I could make that area blend better with the rest of the photo please?


Many Thanks

Steve H-B


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d055.gif So on the quick 😁

I copy that area to a new layer
adjust brightness / contrast on the new layer
then playing with the blends / opacity
and at the end playing with the Clone Stamp .


edited-2-smallzzkt0.png <--click

There was also still an error in the upper right corner.


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Hello @stevehb :)


You could also do this:


1.  Using the Lasso Tool :LassoSelectTool: select a part of the hair which is a better match.




2.  Copy this hair to a new layer.

3.  Use the Smudge Tool to even the edges at Jitter 5%.



4.  Merge down to the original layer.

5.  Repeat as necessary.



      ^   Clickable  ^

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