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Properties window, zoomable Save preview?

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Hi Rick and associated geniuses,


I was saving a bunch of map images as low-color PNGs (a great feature, BTW), and realized that if I could see the number of colours in each image, I'd have a better idea how low I could set the number of colours in the saved images without affecting their quality too much.


I found to my surprise that P.N didn't display this info natively. However, it was easy enough to find the Color Count plugin.


Have you considered adding a Properties window to P.N (e.g. openable from the File menu), so we could view the current image's stats in one place? I've seen this in various other graphics programs. (Here's the one in IrfanView, for example, attached.)


My other suggestion/request: Would you consider making the "Save / Save As..." preview image zoomable (via Ctrl+mouse wheel and/or actual " + - " buttons) so we could get a better look at how the image's quality is affected by:


• Saving with fewer colors (e.g. as GIF, low-color PNG)


• Saving with various JPG compression levels


...? That would be quite helpful. Currently, we must save images at various settings and open them to see how they're affected.


Thanks as always for the brilliant software!



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I haven't added something like this because, while it could be useful, it's not essential -- you can usually get the properties info you need from Windows Explorer (or Color Count, etc).


The preview window is zoomable, there just isn't a UI widget for it. I have an issue filed to look into that at some point, it just hasn't been a high priority given everything else on the roadmap.



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