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What is the easiest way to create a "cut out" for use in other images?

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I am a newcomer to paint. So far, I am very impressed with it's abilities. It's very intuitive to someone who's used to other similar products (I am a long time user of Microsoft Picture-It). I have been playing with the layers and found a few ways of doing certain things...but no one way is easy to create "cut outs." In other software there is typically options to create cut outs using an edge finding tool and/or color selection. I used the magic wand and it was similar but I could not get it accurate enough. Is there a way to manually select an edge before doing a copy and paste into new layer? I may be missing it but I did not see any edge finder or even free-hand edge selection tools.

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Welcome to the forum @Alex Trussler


1 hour ago, Alex Trussler said:

I did not see any edge finder or even free-hand edge selection tools.


The built-in 'Lasso' select tool is a useful way to manually select then delete parts of the background. Just remember the start point joins in a straight line to the last point.



TR's Alpha cutter plugin has edge following abilities and allows manipulation of the area before erasing.



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