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Fill tool at 0% tolerance + Alpha Blend illogical behavior

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It's hard to define exactly so here is a gif of what I mean:


As you can see, the last layer of dots at the bottom before the completely white area is alpha blended when my tolerance is at 0%. I expect NO alpha blend when there is no tolerance at all. If I add tolerance, THEN, I expect it to slightly cover up some extra space blending in but not at 0%. I put 0% tollerance because I did not want the fill tool to tolerate any color differences and since that layer has a completely white area and a completely transparent area, I expect, at 0% tolerance, to ONLY fill the transparent area, nothing more.

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I understand that Antialiasing is supposed to work as it does but not when the tolerance is at 0. A tolerance of 0% means no place for tolerance even for antialiasing. If the antialiasing would happen INBOUND, I would have understood and accepted it, but now, the antialiasing is happening OUTBOUND which means that there is a slight tolerance.


The reason I am pointing that out is that I spent time trying to figure out why my dots were grey at the bottom. THEN, I realised that it went over my tolerated color and spilled outside the region I was prepared to fill. In short, the region that should be touched is the same region that the magic wand tool would select and nothing outside.


I would have ALSO accepted this outbound antialiasing if I would have tolerated 1%. But at 0%, I think it should stay within the range of the accepted color region from the tolerance slider.

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11 hours ago, ardneh said:

In Settings at the bottom of the Tools section there is an option

to make Antialiasing Disabled your default choice.

That's not the point. I know all this. All I am saying is that a 0% tolerance should not wash over the tolerated area. There should be no outbound antialiasing.


Anyways. I am just pointing this out as a possible confusion. It's the author's discretion to decide to work on this or not. I'm not expecting to much because because Paint.Net is already my top editing app I use. Photo editing, sprite creation, wallpaper creation, name it. I just think that at 0% my antialiasing should be inbound if any, not out. It would have helped me search a lot less longer about why I had grey dot issues.

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