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  1. I understand what you mean by the other apps being other windows. Where the problem resides is that the other apps ALSO have an image editor which have similar tools to PDN. This means that for the temporary use I make out of them, I don't have to struggle through different windows in the process. All I have to do is open the app, open my image inside, do my changes and continue whatever other manipulations I have to do, save and I'm done. All that without encountering menus and other option window or an extra render window because most plugins load your image in another window for render and
  2. Yeah, I know, we all have our different needs in apps. But I use 3 different image editing apps. Mainly Paint.Net because everything just works flawlessly with the keyboard and mouse. Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys work properly doing what they are supposed to do. I use 2 other softwares just for 2 main things. And I am making it clear, I am not speaking about adding plugins because I know they probably exist, I'm talking about built-in the app's interface and not via a menu. The 2 other free apps I use: • Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (GFIE) • RealWorld Paint (RWP) I'l
  3. I did not really know how to say this or WHERE to put this. So I put a screenshot in the attachements. In words. If I am currently working with the primary color. It happens at times that I want to simply choose a secondary color from the my image and continue drawing with my primary color. THEN, I simply want to choose a color from below to change my primary color but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It switches myt secondary color I just picked. That is totally annoying. Reproduce: 1. Click on primary color box 2. Choose the color picker 3. Choose a color in your image usi
  4. We can create different shapes but I have not seen many graphics program offering a different shapes cut tool. I would love a rounded rectangle cut shape, or a heart. You know, basically the same shapes you have when creating a shape but this time as a cut option with the same custom properties like corner radius size etc... **edit: I'll just add to this because I forgot to mention that the option to cut WITH anti-aliased borders would make it the ultimate cut tool. A nice rounded cut tool with AA or not like normal shapes have but this time, to cut out. This would elim
  5. How come this software does not have an easy way to rotate a selected area. I mean, that's kind of the basics. So this is actually a suggestion rather than a bug report. Will the rotation of the selected area only be available in the next version? Thabk you,
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