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Tile Count


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Tile Count v1.0

Render > Tile Count


Description: Draws a counter on tiled, spritesheet-like images.


TileCount.zip (Zip with bat installer)

TileCount.dll (Just the dll)








Long description


This plugin counts the tiles (or sprites) of a spritesheet-like image and draws a number on top of each one. It divides the entire image in a grid, and as long as there is at least a single pixel with an alpha greater than Alpha threshold on a tile, this tile will be counted. The counting goes from top left to bottom right. If this sounds complicated, I think the example images above will do a better explanation.


Important notes


  • This plugin assumes your image is already properly divided into a grid.
  • This assumes all grid cells have the same size.
  • You can set Alpha threshold to -1; this will cause every cell in the grid to be counted.
  • This does not take your selection into consideration, it works with the entire image. I might fix this if I ever get around to it.


Less important notes


This is my first plugin. I really needed to count a lot of sprites for a project and there was no way I was going to do that manually, so I wrote this in like, 3 hours... sorry if it lacks features or has bugs. I thought it may be useful to others, that's why I'm sharing it here. I think someone might even find another use for it, like... making a calendar. If you're interested, here's the source code: TileCount.cs 

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