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  1. Oh, and I just noticed that in the first blue paragraph, paint.net is written as "Paint.Net" whereas it's "paint.net" everywhere else. Shouldn't this be fixed too?
  2. Quick report of a bug I notice every time there's an update but always forget to post here... (oops) The Portuguese translation of a lot of text in the following wizard is all messed up, here are the fixes: Original: A instalação de paint.net foi completada com sucesso. Fixed: A instalação do paint.net foi completada com sucesso. Original: Você também pode apoiar o paint.net por ter comprado na loja de Windows. Fixed: Você também pode apoiar o paint.net comprando-o na Microsoft Store. Original: As atualiz
  3. Didn't know about that one, @Djisves, thanks! It really seems pretty powerful and useful. Installed it immediately! Unfortunately it suffers from the same curse that all plugins have - everything has to be stuck in a tiny window with sliders for everything. As someone who relies on pixel perfect precision and and fine tuning (which require a lot of zooming and moving around the canvas), sadly I won't be able to use it very often. But thanks for the recommendation anyway!
  4. I see. Thanks!! I'm looking forward to those future big updates Still do wish that we had at least line spacing though... and no auto scrolling. Guess I'll wait ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Hey, In all my years using this excellent program, I've noticed that in comparison to pretty much any image editing software, our text tool in particular, is pretty limited. Like, a little bit TOO limited. I think that it deserves a bit of love. And no, I don't mean straight up rewriting everything and adding text layers since I'm well aware of how much of a technical burden that would be. So here are a few small suggestions of things I think we're lacking, more or less in order of importance/difficulty to implement. Line spacing. To me, this sounds at the same time ex
  6. Maybe I want to type text that is partially visible. Or, in most cases, I want to move the text to the correct place after typing. The auto scrolling is really annoying since it makes it super hard to move text around when I'm zoomed in on an edge/corner of the canvas. Or just panning around, really, since it auto scrolls when I hold ctrl to zoom. I don't think anything should ever auto scroll in any user interface without the user's input. As I said, it would be nice if that was toggleable in the settings. Because it has only caused me trouble so far...
  7. When you're using the text tool and are writing stuff near the edge of the canvas, every time you press a key (even ctrl, which you have to hold in order to pan the view!) the entire canvas view moves around to make the text visible. Why is that a thing? I'm sorry but, in my opinion, that seriously is the single most frustrating thing about PDN... I wish this feature was at least toggleable. Or removed entirely. On that note, I also feel like the canvas view should allow me to go pan more than just 50% beyond the size of the image. It would make my life a lot easier haha
  8. Yes. YES. Thank you so much for this. Thanks for the update in general, but a specifically huge thanks for this one change.
  9. Wow, I totally didn't expect this. Thanks so much, everyone!! These comments made my day a little better
  10. Whenever I try to rotate a very small selection of pixels, I get strange, unexpected behaviour. This seems to only occurs if the selection's area is less than 16 pixels.
  11. Well, that's interesting. But I wouldn't say it's enough without knowing how many users does Paint.NET actually have. Also, wouldn't that value count multiple visits by the same person?
  12. Generally, most people don't use plugins on any software, but I could be wrong. Most of the users I've talked to outside of this forum didn't know about them. But we don't have any actual metrics, do we?
  13. @BoltBait oh, come on. We need to stop saying "oh there's a workaround" or "just use this plugin". Most people don't use plugins. When they download Paint.NET for the first time, what do they see? An incomplete software. If we keep telling people to just add a plugin for everything, Paint.NET might as well just be a framework, right? Why have a Gaussian Blur effect? Why have a Hue/Saturation tool? Why have anything at all? This kind of argument slowly kills any software, it halts progress. As much as I love PDN and how much effort is put into it to keep improving it, we need to adm
  14. Whoa. How did I not know about that one?! Thanks a bunch. I will mark that one off my post.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm a long time user and massive fan of Paint.NET. I've been using it for nearly 10 years now, and must say that it is definitely my favorite image editor out there. However, as we all know, PDN is by far not the most powerful one out there. In fact, it's nothing when compared to, say, Adobe Photoshop. But I believe comparing them is unfair. PDN was never supposed to compete against Photoshop; they are designed to do different things. One is a very powerful and professional image editor while the other is simple but gets the job done easy and quick.
  16. By far, THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL PLUGIN ever made for Paint.NET. I use this literally all the time, I don't know how would I live without it. This should be added to the base program. Well done sir.
  17. Whoa, this is crazy. Paint.NET used to take a few minutes to open, now it's instant! That's awesome, thanks for the update!
  18. Wow @bEPIK, these actually look really nice!
  19. Oh wow, what a broken page. I expected more from the "1 trillion dollar company". Yeah, I don't think that PDN's site will be like that
  20. I'm probably stupid, as I still don't quite get what you mean. Did you expect the page not to be presented in a vertical way? Are you against the "Download Now!" button?
  21. Well, the site on that image is just a draft. But what do you mean by a scroll-down demo?
  22. It's an icon. It's meant to be seen from far away. Small details should not be present on icons. The blur smooths out the small details. And I barely changed it - just added a bit of median, really. Could you imagine if icons and logos never changed? Do you miss the original Apple logo? Or maybe the original Windows logo? Everyone thought Google's logo was super iconic and eternal. They changed it anyway. They modernized it. They made it suitable for every occasion. The new Google icon is already iconic, and I admire them for that. Also... I barel
  23. Thanks a lot! I did include the mountains, albeit in more of a symbolic way - they're that slab in the bottom of the "picture". I didn't include the clouds because I wasn't sure how to. I do agree that they are quite iconic, though. This was a quick attempt at adding them, but I'm not really sure. To be honest, the only big problems I have with the current icon are the big dark shadows and lines it has, plus the shading on the brush. I tried making a version that is as similar to the original as possible, just with the problems fixed an
  24. I guess you are right. There shouldn't be such a drastic difference. How's this?
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