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Cut up an image using guides

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Is there a way to specify guides to section off an image so that it can be cut up into separate files for use on the web? For example, I'm building a container with rounded corners in HTML. I would like to have separate image files for each corner of the container. Here is a sample of what I'm talking about:


How would I do this with Paint.NET?

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Since nobody helped you.

I will. :)

Add new layer :AddNewLayer: , Fill :PaintBucketTool: with any color you want on the new layer.

Rotate and zoom :RotateZoom: , Adjust zoom to appx. 0.80x or whatever you want.

Now you have a solid color rectangle. (Layer1)

Dup layer :DuplicateLayer: (Layer2), Use Magic wand :MagicWandTool: to select the rectangle on layer 2.

Select :MoveTool: , Now you see 8 nubs, 4 squar ones on the center of each side (Don't look at these), and 4 round ones on the 4 corners.

Point to the lower right one, Drag it all the way to the upper left side of the canvas. De-select (Ctrl+D).

Now you should have a smaller rectangle touching the top left corner of the canvas and a larger rectangle in the middle.

Dup layer2, (layer3), Flip layer3 :Horiz: , Merge layer3 down to layer2 :MergeDown: (Layer2+3)

Dup layer2+3, (Layer4), Flip layer4 :Vertical: , Merge layer4 down to layer2+3.

Merge layer2+3+4 down to layer1.

Now you should have an image like in your post with section 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 filled, the other parts blank.

Now use this layer as a guide and use magic wand to select each piece on this layer.

Switch back to the background layer and Ctrl+C, then paste to new image or to new layer.

You've got perfectly cut up parts of your image.




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