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Pixelating text

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Hi! I'm brand new and created an account because I've been trying to work out something. I'm trying to create a kind of cross-stitched text look. Now when I say cross-stitched, I don't want it to look like small stitches, I literally just want it to look like pixel art-text. When I try to use "Pixelate" it creates all kinds of transparent pixels to try to blend the image a bit better, but I don't want that - all I want is for it to pixel-art my text. Does that make sense? :P 

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Is your goal to get more arcade-like text? (similar to the text that is used in minecraft's chat)
If you are, i point you towards just finding a pixelated font rather than using pdn... It is definitely possible using PDN but just finding a font is much easier (if you cant find one, try downloading a font, i like to use https://dafont.com/ )

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No actually. I have a font I want to use, I just need it pixelated - this is kinda weird, but I'm going for an embroidered look (Specifically the cross stitched signs from Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World) I know, a bit specific. I've looked at references and it basically just looks like pixel art.

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